Claudio Melchiorri
Robotic Telemanipulation part I (2.5Mb) part II (700 Kb) part III (813 Kb) long video short video
Manuel Ferre
Interfaces for telemanipulation (6.2 Mb) (14 Mb) .ppt
Roque Saltaren
Parallel robots in telerobotics (6.2 Mb) .ppt
Hervé Delingette
Medical Image Analysis (9 Mb) , Surgery Simulation (5.3 Mb)
Alicia Casals
Vision and force sensing in telesurgery (1.1 Mb) , A complete robotised surgical procedure (3.1 Mb)
Tobias Ortmaier
Telesurgical robot systems I and II (7.1 Mb) , (3 slides by page (1.7 Mb) )
Leo Joskowicz
Minirobots and patient mounted robots for telesurgery (7 Mb) Navigation (12 Mb)
Mamoru Mitsuishi
Neuro-surgical robot and telesurgery part I (9.1 Mb), part II (9.2 Mb) , part III (6.0 Mb) , part IV (5.9 Mb) , part V (4.8 Mb)
André Bauer
Orthopaedic telesurgery (3.9 Mb)